• It is often argued that students derive advantage from collaborating on the internet, but almost as often realizations of collaboration on the internet shows poor results (cf. Baker et al. 2003; Olesen 2001; Langager et al. 2004).
  • My non-founded claim:
    • the educational organization and methods in connection to the platform is seldom deeper thought over.

  • Collaboration on the internet differ from collaboration face-to-face in that it is written and mediated by the forum technology.
    • By analyzing the characteristics of the mode of writing and the forum technology I will show why it demands more effort to collaborate on the internet than is usually anticipated.
    • The analysis leads me to proposing a list of principles for organizing student collaboration on the internet; principles that takes the collaboration beyond cognition.

  • I will end the paper with a presentation of an educational platform for collaboration on the internet, called a webparliament.
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