Principles for the organization of collaboration via the Internet
  1. There has to be motivational factors bear comparison with the effort, i.e.
    1. the environment has to be responsive; i.e. the participants must expect to be taken seriously, be listened to, and answered in good faith,
    2. the participants must consider the goals to be essential and relevant, andc. the participants must experience that the social relations is making sense (and cause coveted feelings).
  2. The organization of forum dialogues must take into consideration
    1. how participants feel a responsibility towards community,
    2. how they are taking the opportunities, and employ the uncertainty for the sake of developing the social network, and finally
    3. how participants experience getting an identity in the forum
  3. The participants must be prepared for the dialogue by
    1. Knowing something (and meaning something)
    2. Being able to express an unfolded argument – or writing must be organized so that it is acceptable that it is not unfolded.
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